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Chinese Doctor Guilty of Selling Babies to Human Traffickers

Chinese Doctor Guilty of Selling Babies to Human Traffickers

Zhang Shuxia, a Chinese obstetrician, has been found guilty of selling healthy babies to human traffickers. The doctor, who was nearing retirement, admitted that she lied by telling parents their children were dying from incurable congenital problems. She then sold the babies on the black market. reports:

“According to a Voice of America report, the court papers state that Zhang sold seven babies to traffickers. She received more than twice as much for a baby boy ($7,700) as she did for a baby girl ($3,300). She did not, however, act alone. Local officials, the head of the hospital, and the head of the local health department have been fired.”

Some critics blame China’s one-child policy for the crime. Parents who want a son turn to human traffickers to provide one. According to Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, the situation there is untenable and can be traced back to selective abortions:

“In China, the marriage market is on the road to collapse. Because of the pronounced gender imbalance caused by gendercide–the selective abortion of baby girls—there are currently about 37 million more males living in China than females.”