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 'He Shows Up in Beautiful, Unique Ways': Chip and Joanna Gaines Open Up about Their Relationship with Christ

 'He Shows Up in Beautiful, Unique Ways': Chip and Joanna Gaines Open Up about Their Relationship with Christ

Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines told Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday that they experience “peace” when they talk with God.

According to The Christian Post, Oprah asked if Joanna heard a “voice in your head, is it a feeling, is it prayer?”

“All three of those things, for sure,” and a “presence of peace,” Joanna said.

The Waco, Texas, couple appeared on the show just months before the launch of the Magnolia Network in July on Discovery+.

"I will say there probably been five pivotal moments in my life where I can say that was God's voice, that was Him, and I felt the sense of peace, almost like that moment where you get chills and you know there's something else,” Joanna, 42, said.

“That's something that since I was a little girl, I've experienced God in that real way, very relational,” she added.

Chip Gaines, 46, told Oprah he hears from God “in practical ways.”

“Like I work, that's how I meet with God,” he said. “When I sweat, and when I'm lonely, I'm sad, I'm mad about something. I mean, when you chop firewood, or [on] demo day. You don't have to have any talent to be good at demolition. You just want to break stuff.

Chip said “that those very childlike, very natural, very simple ways” are how God speaks to him.

Chip and Joanna have long been open about their faith, but Joanna said it’s less about “religion” and more about “relationships.”

"With the idea of religion, I shy away from that, my relationship with God, it's like no one else's,” she said. “God is so creative that I can’t impose what my belief. ... He shows up in beautiful unique ways for all of us.

“I'm very realistic. I need to hear it. I'm literal. And so that's how He shows up for me.”

In July, their cable network will feature their own new show, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home.

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Larry Busacca/Staff

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