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Chris Pratt Accidentally Gives Away a Free Trip on Live TV, Then Offers to Pay for It

Chris Pratt Accidentally Gives Away a Free Trip on Live TV, Then Offers to Pay for It

It takes a big person to admit they made a mistake. And when actor Chris Pratt gave away a trip by mistake on Live TV, the lovable nice guy stepped up in a big way!

Actor Chris Pratt is no stranger to television. For years he played the goofy character of Andy Dwyer on the popular TV sitcom, Parks and Recreation. But when he made a guest co-host appearance in 2016 on Live TV, the friendly guy made a pretty big “boo boo.”

The blunder came during the Travel Trivia segment of the early morning show, Live With Kelly. Sitting opposite of Kelly Ripa, Chris asked the show’s caller, Melissa, a movie trivia question.

Melissa had 20 seconds to answer. And if she got it right, she’d win a $5,700 trip to Mexico.

Melissa’s first try at answering the question was incorrect. And that should have been it. But Chris couldn’t stand it and quickly chimed in with a second chance.

“We're gonna be wishy-washy and give you a second guess," he said, surprising Kelly Ripa and the show’s producers.

As Kelly cuts her eyes at Chris, you can tell this move was completely unprompted.

And when Melissa then answers the question correctly on her impromptu second try, Kelly covers her face in disbelief.

Completely oblivious to his snafu, Chris cheered excitedly saying, “You won!” But then he realizes he may have overstepped his bounds.

“Did I break the rules?” he asked, looking back and forth between Kelly and the off-stage producers.

Chris isn’t just a good guy. He’s a Christian. So, he tries his best to do the right thing.

As soon as he realized his mistake, the nice guy stepped up to own up and fix it. He didn’t want Kelly or the show’s sponsors upset, but he wasn’t about to send Melissa away empty-handed.

So, Chris Pratt gave away a trip on his dime. He volunteered to cover the $5,700 trip to Mexico himself!

What a sweet guy. And his generosity was contagious. Others on the show then stepped up and offered to chip in on Melissa’s trip!

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