"Christ the Lord" to Join Hollywood's 'Year of the Bible'

"Christ the Lord" to Join Hollywood's 'Year of the Bible'

Ocean Blue Entertainment will begin production of another Christian movie this September. Christ the Lord is based off of a novel by Anne Rice, the author who is most commonly known for her monster series, The Vampire Chronicles.

Rice penned Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt during a time when she embraced the Catholic Church. The story follows the journey of Jesus and his family travelling from Egypt to Nazareth reports the A.V. Club.

Cyrus Nowrasteh will direct the film adaption. Enzo Sisti, who produced The Passion of the Christ will serve as executive producer.

Hollywood’s so-called “Year of the Bible” has already seen the films Son of God, God’s Not Dead, Heaven Is for Real, Noah and the forthcoming Ben Hur remake.


Publication date: May 20, 2014