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Christian Aid Agencies Welcome Colombian Peace Treaty

Christian Aid Agencies Welcome Colombian Peace Treaty

Christian aid agencies are welcoming a newly-signed peace treating between fighting factions of Colombia’s government.

According to, the agreement was reached between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

The conflict between these two entities was the longest internal armed conflict in the Western hemisphere. A total of 220,000 people were killed during the hostilities and more than six million were displaced.

Claire Dixon, head of CAFOD, a Catholic aid agency, stated, "The agreement is a major step forward on what will be a long road to peace in Colombia, one which requires the transformation of the country and the accompaniment and participation of all of Colombian society and the international community.”

"This is an historic moment for Colombia. The end of the armed conflict is near, and we hope this deal will bring an end to the violence and fear that has devastated the lives of over 7 million people, particularly those living in rural areas; farming communities, Indigenous and Afro-Colombian Peoples,” she continued.

Colombians are celebrating this treaty; however, as manager of Christian Aid in Colombia Thomas Mortenson points out, Colombians still face an uphill battle.

"The enormous effort made by the government and the FARC to reach this agreement must be congratulated. However, there remain many outstanding issues which could hinder the success of the peace process.”

One such issue Mortenson mentioned is the possible resurgence of paramilitary groups. He urged the government to take action to ensure these groups do not rise to power.


Publication date: August 25, 2016