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Christian Blogger: Prayers Needed as Confrontation Possible in Egypt on August 24

Christian Blogger: Prayers Needed as Confrontation Possible in Egypt on August 24

SANTA ANA, Calif. (Aug. 16, 2012) -- The following blog is another in a series of blogs from a co-worker in Egypt about the chaotic, changing situation in Egypt over the last several months.

August 16

Many Egyptians are already fed up with the dominant behavior of a single-party rule, revealed over the last two months since the elections, while we were hoping so fervently for a real, long-waited-for multi-party system.

We look back and remember the former dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) with their greed for power and authority as they spread out their domination over all top national leading positions, not leaving hardly any space for opposition or other political entities to emerge. We’ve all hoped that such a model was already gone and burned down, just as was the NDP headquarters building, located in the center of Cairo.

It was not obvious to the public in the beginning of the January 2011 revolution that such a dominant attitude did exist. Actually, should I say we wished to ignore the fact that it actually did. Christians as well as many liberal and moderate Muslims throughout the country have now realized the hidden intentions re-emerging and are severely rejecting such a one-party rule attitude.

Due to the current tense situation, a nationwide plea has come from opposition movements, writers, politicians and many others, requesting Egyptians to go out again on the streets on August 24 and revolt against the “one-party man show,” condemning their greed for power.

To add more complications to the political dilemma, this past weekend President Mohammed Morsi grabbed back legislative power by sending the country's two top military officers into retirement and cancelling a June decree by the supreme army generals that had kept lawmaking powers out of presidential hands. Sounds like a logical must, but no one is very sure about the proper timing for such a major move.

Egypt is crossing its fingers now, awaiting a possible big confrontation that may take place; or may not. This confrontation potentially could erupt simply between the supporters of the Islamist parties seeking to turn Egypt into a closed Islamic state on one side, and those seeking a new, open civil country on the other side.

The scenario for such confrontation is still very vague, as well as the consequences. We Christians have nothing to do but to turn our eyes to heaven and cry on the name of the Lord. Only He can save Egypt from another severe tornado that would result in more severe actions, instability or even loss of lives.  

We are praying for Egypt ... please join us in these critical days before August 24!

Publication date: August 17, 2012