Christian Blogger Jefferson Bethke Endorses God-Hating Macklemore

Christian Blogger Jefferson Bethke Endorses God-Hating Macklemore

Jefferson Bethke, author of "Jesus > Religion," reportedly blocked a Twitter follower after she asked him why he didn’t “share the gospel” with rapper Macklemore.

Jessica Lam replied to a Tweet from Bethke in early March, asking if he shared the gospel with the singer. Bethke had tweeted that he ran into Macklemore at the Maui airport and told him he had “inspired” him “for awhile.”

When Bethke tweeted that he was recording a podcast with his wife and would take questions, Lam tweeted her question again to Bethke.

“Did you share the Gospel with Macklemore who mocks Christ,” her tweet said.

She then posted a screenshot of Bethke’s Twitter page, which showed her as blocked.

Landon Chapman, founder of, said in an opinion column on his site that Bethke is an influential teacher in today’s Christianity and  he should have “warned” Macklemore about his “ungodliness.”

“Jefferson Bethke should not only end his endorsement of Macklemore, he should make it a point to publicly renounce those previous endorsements and warn Christians to stay away from his music,” Landon writes.

Landon added: “Please understand I am in no way making a judgment regarding Mr. Bethke’s eternal salvation and whether or not he is a brother in Christ, that is not my place.  

“But as a high-profile professing believer, it distresses me greatly that he would not answer a simple Biblical question and instead opt to run away from the concern.”

Publication date: May 14, 2015