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Christian Blogger Rachel Held Evans Encourages Pro-Lifers to Vote for Clinton

Christian Blogger Rachel Held Evans Encourages Pro-Lifers to Vote for Clinton

Popular Christian author and blogger Rachel Held Evans has made the case that Christians who are pro-life should vote for Hillary Clinton. reports that in a recent blog post, Evans said that although she herself is pro-life, she believes there are valid reasons to vote for Clinton.

“While I’ve written in the past about feeling caught between the pro-life and pro-choice camps, I’ve never used my platform to endorse a presidential candidate. But as so many others have said, this year is different. Knowing many of my pro-life friends feel torn between voting for an unpopular but highly qualified pro-choice candidate in Hillary Clinton and an incompetent narcissist who poses a unique threat to our American democracy in Donald Trump, I’d like to make a proposal:

You should vote for Hillary Clinton."

Evans then went on to say that during the last eight years of a Democratic presidency, the abortion rate has actually dropped. Evans said that though Clinton is pro-choice, a number of her other policies are more consistent with caring for human life than are the policies of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Micaiah Bilger of notes that Clinton is not just a pro-choice candidate, however, but a strongly pro-abortion candidate. She has often said she completely supports Planned Parenthood and has said she wants to overturn the Hyde Amendment which prohibits taxpayer money from going to fund abortions.

Additionally, the Democrats recently adopted what has been called the most pro-choice platform in the history of the DNC.

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Publication date: August 3, 2016