Christian Employee Could be Fired after Refusing to Watch LGBTQ Video

Christian Employee Could be Fired after Refusing to Watch LGBTQ Video

A Christian employee who refused to watch a video on LGBTQ “diversity and inclusivity” is in danger of losing his job.

According to, David Hall has worked in information technology for the Social Security Administration for 14 years.

Recently, all employees were told they had to watch a diversity training video. Hall refused, citing his religious beliefs.

Although Hall said he has gay and lesbian friends and holds no animosity toward homosexuals, he still believes homosexuality is a sin. "I'm not going to certify sin," he said.

Because of the stand he took, Hall was reprimanded and was suspended without pay. He realizes that he may lose his job over his stance.

Hall explained that the training was essentially LGBTQ propaganda. "This is something I want to fight and expose, to give other Christians the courage of their convictions," he said, adding that several employees shared his convictions but were too “scared” to make a stand.

Americans for Truth president Peter LaBarbera praised Hall for standing up for his convictions:

"He is absolutely correct: LGBT 'diversity' sessions and films are NOT truly 'diverse' because they disrespect or ignore faith-based and moral opposition to homosexualism and transsexualism,” said LaBarbera.

"By calling out this forced groupthink, David Hall is helping to educate others — and ultimately standing up for our First Amendment freedoms," LaBarbera continued.  "People like him willing to suffer for liberty's sake keep us all free."


Publication date: September 16, 2016