Christian 'Fixer Upper' Stars Reflect God in Their Work

Christian 'Fixer Upper' Stars Reflect God in Their Work

Chip and Joanna Gaines are the stars of the popular TV show Fixer Upper. Not only does the Gaineses' show provide family-friendly entertainment, but the work Chip and Joanna do on the show is a picture of what God does with the lives of His children, according to Gospel Coalition writer Lauren Hansen.

In her article “What’s to Love About ‘Fixer Upper,’” Hansen says, “Let me count the ways.”

The show centers around the lives of the Gaines family--Chip, Joanna, and their four children--and the work the couple does making old run-down houses into beautiful homes.

Hansen applauds the show for being family-friendly in a sea of other shows filled with sex and violence. Hansen also says the Gainses’ Christian faith, although not explicitly discussed on the show, is evident in how they interact as a family and how they do their work as if for the Lord.

Hansen notes this parallel between the work the Gaineses do and the work God does in the lives of those who believe in Him:

“They take ugly homes, some of which are in such bad condition they should be torn down, and create beautiful new houses with life ahead of them. Doesn’t that reflect the heart of God? He takes the ugly and destined for destruction, and makes us new.”

Hansen shares a beautiful example of the detail which Chip and Joanna devote to each home they restore. In one episode, the couple is remodelling the home of a music composer and his family. Joanna has the idea of taking a song the man had written for his wife, blowing it up, and using it as a wall decoration. When the man saw it, he was nearly brought to tears.

"The Gaineses’ mission is simple,” Hansen concludes, “transforming the old into the new for the enjoyment of others. And we certainly enjoy watching them do it.”

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Publication date: March 23, 2016