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Christian Football Film 'Woodlawn' Opens Friday in Theaters

Christian Football Film 'Woodlawn' Opens Friday in Theaters

The faith-based movie “Woodlawn” is expected to make a splash in the film industry as it hits theaters Friday (Oct. 16). 

The film, created by Jon and Andrew Erwin, tells the true story of the Woodlawn High School football team, a group of black and white players who chose to unite in their love for God in a tense time of desegregation in Birmingham, Alabama. One of the players, Tony Nathan, became a running back for the Miami Dolphins. 

Erwin said, "It was an anomaly event where an entire football team at once made a decision to love God and to love each other, in a school and a city that didn't know what that meant. Faith was an absolutely essential part of this story. It wasn't politicians that led the Civil Rights Movement, it was pastors."

The Erwin brothers previously directed “Mom’s Night Out” (2014) and “October Baby” (2011). USA Today reports the duo have not yet proven themselves as box office draws, but are on their way to success in the industry. 

Jon Erwin said, "In five to seven years, we'll see Christian blockbusters. We'll see faith-based films that are as big and competing with Jurassic World. We have the numbers, we have the resources, we're marching up that mountain together. (There's) a couple dozen of us that are forging ahead.

"Sean Astin said to me the other day, 'Jon, I see you and Andy as pioneers or frontiersmen.' I said, ‘'That's a great compliment. Only trouble is, most frontiersmen die on the frontier.'"

Publication date: October 16, 2015