Christian Ministry Sheds Light on Gazan Refugees

Christian Ministry Sheds Light on Gazan Refugees

A recent Christian ministry program, You Are Not Alone, recently interviewed a Gazan refugee family who had fled to Egypt, seeking medical care for their 4-year-old daughter.

According to Mission Network News, the girl, named Kanzy, was critically injured in a missile strike while in Gaza.

“Her arm was amputated,” said Joe Willey with SAT-7. “She had fractures of her skull, her hip, and leg. Then they finally got to go into Egypt, and compassionate care was given to this young girl.”

The family had been moving from one shelter to another in Gaza, but after a recent move, their home was struck. The girl’s father, Adam Al Madhoun, lost his father-in-law in the strike, and several members of the family were injured.

“Our journey was long and difficult. We waited for 24 hours at the border gates,” Adam said. “She will need surgery on her head, on her hip, and on her leg. She needs health care and medical attention that was not available in Gaza. There’s a shortage of medical supplies that are needed for such surgeries. Our arrival to Egypt was largely to save our injured family members. Kanzy is awake and is able to talk, but she is in great pain. She cannot move. We are now at the hospital for her treatment.”


Egypt has allowed some 400 Palestinian refugees from Gaza to cross into the country for medical treatment.

“As I see the role of Egypt in this situation – and especially the Church that is, again, shining the light of the truth of God’s Word – it is reflected in the way that there is help for, say, a young girl,” Willey said. “It is reflected in the way it is helping others who are in need. And I think it’s truly showing that the Church is impacting the culture of Egypt.”

Egypt has slowly been allowing more refugees seeking medical treatment into the country. It has also allowed humanitarian aid to pass through from countries such as Jordan, France, and America.

Reports estimate that some 25,000 tons of aid has been delivered to Gaza through Egypt.

Photo Courtesy: ©Getty Images/Ahmad Hasaballah / Stringer

Video Courtesy: SAT-7 International via YouTube

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