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Christian Missionaries Told to Leave Nepal

Christian Missionaries Told to Leave Nepal

An extremist Hindu group in Nepal has told Christian missionaries to leave the country.

According to Christian Today, the “Morcha Nepal” group has said that “Christians have corrupted the country.” The extremist group has called for Nepal to become a Hindu state.

Nepal is officially a secular state and a constitutional clause was recently ratified which makes it illegal to attempt to convert anyone to another religion.

Some worry that the anti-conversion clause will pave the way for persecution of Christians.

Despite Morcha Nepal’s efforts to make Christian missionaries leave the country, including distributing leaflets threatening them, the missionaries remain committed to their cause.

“Christians continue their mission of dialogue and proclamation of the Gospel of charity towards all,” Fides reports.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide has accused Nepal of violating international treaties with the enactment of the anti-conversion clause. The group worries that recent bomb attacks on two churches are a precursor to more violence against Christians in the future.

Publication date: September 29, 2015