Christian Radio Host Responds to Article Claiming God is Transgender

Christian Radio Host Responds to Article Claiming God is Transgender

Michael Brown, host of the Line of Fire radio program, says that a rabbi’s claim that God was understood to be a transgender deity to early worshippers has no truth.

Brown’s counter article at is a response to an Aug. 12 piece by Rabbi Mark Sameth in the New York Times in which Sameth wrote that “Counter to everything we grew up believing, the God of Israel — the God of the three monotheistic, Abrahamic religions to which fully half the people on the planet today belong — was understood by its earliest worshipers to be a dual-gendered deity.”

The New York Times piece was called “Is God Transgender?

In one claim, Sameth says that the four-Hebrew-letter name of God, YHWH, was actually read in reverse as Hu/Hi, and thus the hidden name of God was Hebrew for He/She.

But Brown argues that Sameth has no evidence to back up his argument.

“The argument is utterly preposterous, and I write this with all respect to the many years of study that Rabbi Sameth has put into this subject,” he said. “Perhaps he is reading his ideas into the biblical text?”

Brown said that the Rabbi’s claims are misguided.

“Again, had he argued that both male and female derive their personhood from God’s image, or had he claimed that God transcends gender, I would have agreed.

“And had he simply stated, “God’s Word teaches us to be compassionate towards all, and that include those who identify as transgender,” I would have affirmed this as well.

“But his attempt to use the Hebrew Scriptures to support transgender activism is utterly misguided, fatally flawed and unworthy of serious consideration.”


Publication date: August 16, 2016