Christian Rapper Lecrae: ‘As I Shared My Heart, My Supporters Turned on Me’

Christian Rapper Lecrae: ‘As I Shared My Heart, My Supporters Turned on Me’

Christian rap artist Lecrae recently wrote an editorial for The Huffington Post in which he expresses his frustration that many of his fans failed to understand his passion for racial justice.

In the article titled “The Pains of Humanity Have Been Draining Me,” the African-American artist shares examples of how he and members of his family have been subjected to police violence even though they did nothing wrong.

He acknowledges that not all law enforcement officers are racially biased, but he has seen injustice too many times not to realize the system is flawed.

“That’s why I declare BLACK LIVES MATTER!” he writes.

“[Black Lives Matter] encapsulates our societal woes as a people. I don’t condone violence or rioting for which BLM is so often blamed, and I don’t believe these isolated acts express the values of the BLM organization or the sentiment either. Yet, some people still think we are just ‘whining about the past.’ But we’re not. We are trying to expose how the past has affected the present and threatens the future,” he continues.

Lecrae also includes these themes in his music--something he says his fans don't always want to hear about.

“As I shared my heart, my supporters turned on me even more—fans and friends. There was no empathy. Though some comments were just evil and hurtful, others were steeped in ignorance and lack of perspective,” he says.

Ultimately, however, Lecrae affirmed that God is still working on him as well.

“But I’m working on me. Well, God is. And as He is, I hope for grace and mercy and prayers from all those who really care,” he concluded.


Publication date: October 21, 2016