Rapper Lecrae Reveals He Stole a Bible from Church as a New Christian

Rapper Lecrae Reveals He Stole a Bible from Church as a New Christian

Popular Christian rapper Lecrae recently revealed in his new book Unashamed that he stole a Bible from church when he was a new Christian.

In a Facebook post, Lecrae shared a small section from the book: "I had finally been set free, but I was about to find out if I could live free. A person can be removed from slavery in an instant, but it takes a lifetime for slavery to be removed from a person," he writes.

Christian Today reports that Lecrae goes on to say that he took the Bible from the church’s “lost and found” box.

"Someone else had lost it, but I found it before they did," he says, adding that he was on a spiritual “high” when he took it.

The Christian artist then goes on to share how becoming a Christian and reading the Bible changed him: "The meaning and purpose I'd wanted was there now, and the worry that used to consume me was gone," he says. “Joy replaced anxiety, and I found a new energy for learning and growing. I had found the truth about life and God and myself."

Despite his newfound faith, Lecrae said he still had a lot of sin he was struggling with. He struggled with legalism and wanting to impress people that he had turned his life around. Ultimately, however, he recognized that he could not rely on his own self-righteousness, but had to rely on God’s grace.

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Publication date: April 29, 2016