Christian Support Groups and Churches Influential in Overcoming Addiction

Christian Support Groups and Churches Influential in Overcoming Addiction

Christian recovery groups and churches are critical to helping working class adults overcome their alcohol and drug addictions.

“The church should have a role in helping people with any type of addiction. Depending on the congregation and their level of resources that help will vary. 

“Some churches are taking an active role in developing in-house assistance and counseling while others that are not funded for this type of activity are partnering with people in their congregation who have a heart and vision for this type of ministry," Ray Perea, CEO and facility director of Revival Recovery Services in California, told The Christian Post.

Erik Epp of Addiction No More says of all calls the 24-hour helpline for addicts receives, about 85 percent of them come from working class families.

Epp said many of them who turn to Christian treatment centers often have some background of Christianity.

That’s where Perea’s Revival comes in.

"At the time of admittance they usually are disconnected to their faith and Savior. Their choice of drug has now, by default, become their God. Seeds have been planted and our job is to water them," Perea said.

"To guide them to a place of restoration and equipping them to step into the power of God that every believer in Jesus Christ has access to. Ushering them into a lasting experience of freedom in the inner most part of their being. It's a gift and it's available," Perea added.

According to studies by two Princeton economists, addiction abuse is a direct cause of rising mortality rates among some sections of American society. For example, middle-aged white American annual death rates have spiked due to suicides and afflictions linked with substance abuse.

Publication date: April 22, 2016