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Christianity on the Rise in Cuba

Christianity on the Rise in Cuba

Cuban Christianity has “grown in the shadows of culture for many years,” according to the Deseret News.

With help from Christian organizations, such as The Luis Palau Bible Institute and the International Bible Society, that growth is continuing. Those groups are distributing bibles and holding gospel-training sessions to help Cubans gain biblical knowledge.

In November, Cuba will offer on-site ministry training to local pastors for free.

"The church in Cuba has grown in the shadows of culture for many years. Many of the churches and church leaders were born in the trenches and underground," he said. "They are bold and persistent. They are undoubtedly a living example for others, committed to the scriptures and passionate about the Lord,” said Dr. Carlos Barbieri, director of the Luis Palau Bible Institute.

Previously, the Luis Palau Bible Institute had been working with about 40 pastors in Cuba.

"We have been training a very small group of Cuban leaders who can access our materials and training online," Barbieri said. "It has been a very small amount — no more than 40 pastors and leaders throughout the entire nation."

The on-site courses will reach more than 200 pastors.

"Most important of all is that Cuban Christians feel more free to engage in these events and participate in these training courses without fear," Barbieri said.

"The idea is to take several teachers and have three days of intensive studies on specific topics of unique interest to Cuban pastors," Barbieri added. "We figured that if pastors cannot access the studies online, we will bring the studies directly to them."

Publication date: June 30, 2016