Christians Who 'Heavily Engage' with the Bible 'Flourish in Every Domain,' Study Find

Christians Who 'Heavily Engage' with the Bible 'Flourish in Every Domain,' Study Find

The American Bible Society says that Christians who "heavily engage" with the Bible are among those who "flourish in every domain of human experience."

In Chapter 3 of the State of the Bible 2023 report released last week, the American Bible Society said in its "Flourishing and Hope" report that data showed more than 2,700 responses from U.S. adults.

"Our research confirms something millions of Christians know through personal experience—that the Bible has the power to transform our lives and make us happier, healthier, and whole," said American Bible Society Chief Ministry Insights and Innovation Officer John Farquhar Plake. "We find that Christians who are committed to their faith, fully engaged in the Bible and transformed by its message, flourish in every domain of human experience."

According to The Christian Postthe research uses a Human Flourishing Index to score responses to questions about respondents' happiness, life satisfaction, mental and physical health, meaning and purpose, character and virtue, financial and material stability and close societal relationships.

Practicing Christians received an average score of 7.8 compared to a score of 6.9 for non-practicing Christians. Non-Christians scored 6.7.

"While these scripture-engaged Christians go through the same hardships as everyone else, the difference is they experience life's ups and downs through a worldview shaped by the Bible's message of hope," Plake said. "No matter the circumstances, those who trust in God and connect with him through Scripture are happier than those who haven't yet sought God in his Word."

In the Happiness & Life Satisfaction domain, practicing Christians received an average score of 7.8, while non-practicing Christians received a 6.8, and non-Christians a 6.5. On the meaning and purpose question, practicing Christians earned an 8.1, while non-practicing Christians and non-Christians only earned 6.9 and 6.4, respectively.

Respondents who scored higher on the index had prayed to God in the last seven days, said they were able to forgive, and also agreed that the Bible had transformed their lives.

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