Chuck Norris' Son Believes the American Church is Dying

Chuck Norris' Son Believes the American Church is Dying

Mike Norris, son of action star Chuck Norris, expressed his disappointment with the “dying” American church in a recent interview. 

Norris, who works in the film industry as a director, told Breathe Cast that while Christian films have been doing well at the box office, he does not believe there has been a cultural shift in Hollywood to embrace Christianity. 

"I personally don't think that there's a shift in our culture at all,” Norris said. “I think our church is dying to be quite honest. I think the four-wall church is dying. I think America has let the enemy root in and sink its disgusting talent within the fabric of our society within our children, within me. I pray for my children. We're living in such ugly times right now.”

He continued, "Is there going to be a shift, honestly I don't know. All I can do is try to know that I'm an heir to Jesus Christ and just try to keep my mind and heart open to what he tells me to do and continuing doing what we do.” 

Norris’ most recent project was the faith-based film “Mission Air,” which was released in 2014. 

Publication date: March 12, 2015