Church of England Appoints First Ever Female Bishop of London

Church of England Appoints First Ever Female Bishop of London

The Church of England is making news with its appointment of Sarah Mullally as the first female Bishop of London.

USA Today reports that Mullally is a former nurse. She is married and has two children. She decided to give up her career in the medical field and pursue a calling to the priesthood in 2006.

The Bishop of London holds the third most powerful position within the Church of England. Upon accepting the nomination, Mullally said she was “delighted and slightly terrified” at such an honor and responsibility.

She added that diversity plays an important role in the Church:

"If our churches are to be more relevant to our community, this means that we need churches that are led by priests who are women, who come from black, Asian and ethnic minority groups," Mullally said. "To have churches that are confident, we need local ministers and priests who are enabled to be the best that they are. London could be that gift to the rest of the Church of England to demonstrate how unity can work."

Mullally also added that she knows her appointment is not supported by those who adhere to more traditional beliefs of church leadership, but she is committed to being respectful of those who hold this view.

"My belief is that church diversity throughout London should flourish and grow; everybody should be able to find a spiritual home; and that those who minister should be able to do so to the best of her ability," she continued.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, expressed his happiness at Mullally’s nomination, and called it “wonderful news.”

"Bishop Sarah brings to this remarkable ministry in this great city an extraordinary experience and profound gifts, which are guided by her faith in Jesus Christ, who is the foundation of all that she is,” he added.


Publication date: December 21, 2017