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Church of England Undertakes Film Project to Tell Faith Stories of Those Who Struggled with Doubt and Addiction

Church of England Undertakes Film Project to Tell Faith Stories of Those Who Struggled with Doubt and Addiction

A number of men and women who found faith at a homeless center in Halifax will share their stories in a series of short videos which the Church of England is releasing for Lent and Easter.

Christian Today reports that the five individuals featured in the videos came to faith through the Saturday Gathering, and have struggled with things such as doubting God, drugs, alcohol, and homelessness.

The project is called Psalm 22 because it is based on the words spoken in that Psalm, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” which are the same words uttered by Jesus while on the cross.

The project will include a few very short clips, and end with a two-minute video to be released on Easter Sunday.

The first short film, released today, features 24-year-old Emma who shares her struggles with doubting and questioning God, even though she has come to faith in Him.

"Having faith is really hard. It's not easy to pray when you think no one is listening, it's not easy to wake up knowing you're going to go through the same stuff every single day,” says Emma.

"Without God, I'd still be drinking, taking drugs. I don't even know if I'd be here, because I was a self harmer, I would have probably taken my own life at some point."

Another short film features 40-year-old Howard who was addicted to drugs and alcohol for eight years before coming to know the Lord, and even now still struggles with these addictions. 

Howard, however, also affirms the importance of his faith.

“Where would I be without faith? I'd be dead a long time ago I believe. Yeah, I'd be dead. Not just spiritually but probably physically dead in a box somewhere. Faith's everything to me. It keeps me going, it gives me hope."

Rev Arun Arora, Communications Director for the Church of England spoke about the purpose of this project: "Each of the inspirational stories of those who star in the film is a reminder of how faith and prayer can turn life around. They are also a reminder that for many of us faith and doubt co-exist as neighbours and not opposites.”

Publication date: February 10, 2016