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‘Clueless’ Actress Stacey Dash Condemns Planned Parenthood

 ‘Clueless’ Actress Stacey Dash Condemns Planned Parenthood

“Clueless” actress Stacey Dash has accused Planned Parenthood of targeting the African-American community.

Dash is herself an African American. She had an acting career and is now a Fox TV commentator.

Breaking Christian News reports that on her blog at, Dash had harsh words for the abortion provider.

Dash provided statistics and evidence that Planned Parenthood does not provide women’s healthcare services other than abortion as they claim to. For example, Dash states, “79% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are strategically placed in low-income minority neighborhoods. This information confirms a pattern that has been going on for years: the abortion industry, specifically Planned Parenthood, targets minority women.”

Then Dash blasted the abortion provider:

"I am so sick of hearing Planned Parenthood and their abortion allies on the Left claim to be pro-women and pro-minorities. The facts just don't back up their boasts. If you are so pro African American communities, Planned Parenthood, stop targeting black women and aborting our children." 

"If you care so much why don't you start actually empowering women to love and care for their children no matter the circumstances they find themselves in,” Dash continued. “If you truly believe in African Americans, then start telling them they do have the power and ability to take care of their children and raise them instead of pressuring them to kill them in the womb.

"Your bottom line is not worth the blood on your hands!"

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Publication date: October 13, 2015