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College Student Kicked out of Class for Being Pro-Life

College Student Kicked out of Class for Being Pro-Life

Lia Mills says she was asked to apologize to her class after she disagreed with the class about being a pro-life feminist, she wrote in a column for

According to the opinion column, Mills said the class was discussing the importance of language and word choice when the topic of abortion came up.

“My professor stated that, even at baby showers, she congratulates the mother-to-be on the health of her fetus and asks questions pertaining to the fetus, not the baby,” Mills wrote.

Mills then raised her hand and explained to the class that those who opposed abortion were not “anti-choice,” but “rather they oppose a specific choice that harms the life of another human being.”

Her explanation was met with hostility and she was eventually removed from the class’s Facebook group for making other students “uncomfortable.” She was also told to apologize.

“It is not my responsibility to make other people comfortable,” Mills said. “If my opinions make other people uncomfortable, while I undoubtedly should try to be sensitive to their feelings, it is their choice to stay and listen to what I have to say.”

As for being removed from the Facebook group, Mills said: “Being eliminated from a Facebook group is not a big thing. I did not spend the next few days crying incessantly into the phone, begging my parents to shelter me from the existence of differing opinions. However, the facts remain: I was eliminated from an online community specifically because of my pro-life stance. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is discrimination.”

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Publication date: June 1, 2016