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Community Unites in Prayer as Mudslide Death Toll Climbs

  • Updated Mar 31, 2014
Community Unites in Prayer as Mudslide Death Toll Climbs

The Washington mudslide death toll reached 21 on Sunday, prompting congregations to gather in prayer for the families of lost loved ones. SRN News reports that the official tally of 21 does not include four sets of remains that were recovered Sunday.

Authorities believe that the unofficial death toll could be as high as 32 people, including those who are still considered missing. Search and rescue teams have not recovered a person alive since the day the mudslide occurred, March 22.

Governor of Washionton Jay Inslee said some families have held onto hope of search-and-rescue personnel discovering a survivor.

“The family members that I’ve spoken to, I think, have a very mature, real sense of wanting to have hope, and wanting to find that miracle…and we’re looking for that miracle right now. If we don’t find that miracle, they’re also looking for the knowledge of the fate of their loved ones,” Inslee said.

The Oso community has united in a desire to seek peace and solace in the aftermath of the disaster. Glad Tidings Assembly of God hosted a gathering in which Oso resident prayed for God’s aid in recovering from the tragedy.

In the meantime, rescue personnel have begun picking up lost belongings and keepsakes, in an effort to preserve memories of the community.