Culinary Nazareth: Where Would Jesus Dine?

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  • Published Dec 30, 2011
Culinary Nazareth: Where Would Jesus Dine?

Nazareth will always be the Galilean city famously known as the residence of the world's most celebrated figure, Jesus Christ, but over the last five years the city has developed an enviable reputation as a culinary hotspot.

Local residents have been instrumental in redeveloping this Galilean capital, home to Christians and Muslims, and Israel's Ministry of Tourism has also allocated some funding in this hilltop city.

The result -- a wonderful culinary scene for all appetites. The city boasts wonderful spice shops, sweet stores, cafes and a medley of restaurants offering interesting Arabic fusion foods along with other delicacies.

A recent Travelujah article entitled "Nazareth is Worth a Day or Two for All Tourists" focused on many of the interesting on- and off-the-beaten-path sites in Nazareth and the surrounding area. Now, the New York Times has offered up a culinary expedition for those interested in the city's burgeoning food scene.

With everything from wonderful restaurants, bars, cafes and bakeries and on-the-spot culinary courses (in Arabic and English too!) being offered to residents and non-residents, the city is poised to add Holy Land's culinary capital to its status as Jesus' hometown.

Read the New York Times piece on Nazareth: Nazareth as a Culinary Destination.

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Publication date: January 2, 2012