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Danny Lotz, Husband of Anne Graham Lotz, Has Died

Danny Lotz, Husband of Anne Graham Lotz, Has Died

Danny Lotz, 78, husband of Anne Graham Lotz, has passed away after being found unresponsive in the family swimming pool.

Christianity Today reports that after Anne Graham Lotz found her husband in the swimming pool, he was immediately taken to Rex Hospital’s ICU in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

The hospital released a statement today:

“Since then, a team of compassionate medical professionals at Rex’s ICU has worked tirelessly to restore Dr. Lotz’s body. Every possible attempt was made, but his doctors determined this morning nothing more could be done and it was time to cease life-supportive measures.”

Anne Graham Lotz and the Lotz family has remained steadfast in faith during this time.

A tribute to Danny Lotz is posted on Anne’s website, highlighting his commitment to his faith. At the age of 50, Danny was diagnosed with a severe case of Adult 1 diabetes, but even with the hours of dialysis he had to undergo every week, Danny “never complained, never slowed down, never gave up, never stopped investing in the lives of others.”

The post, titled “God’s Gladiator” continues, “As a New Yorker [Danny] was plain spoken. As a German he was stubborn. As a Christian he was a compassionate servant leader. He was more than a man’s man. He was God’s man who triumphantly finished his race having fought the good fight, and having kept his faith firmly focused on the kingdom of God first.”

The family has yet to announce plans for Danny Lotz’s funeral service.

Publication date: August 20, 2015