Daughters of Lesbians Tell Supreme Court 'The Kids are Not Alright'

Daughters of Lesbians Tell Supreme Court 'The Kids are Not Alright'

Children of gay parents are speaking out as the Supreme Court considers the legalization of same-sex marriage in Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. 

Charisma News reports two daughters of women filed a “friend of the court” brief stating that their childhood living situation caused them harm. 

Heather Barwick and Katy Faust wrote, "While we love and cherish our mothers, we feel it's imperative that we bring to the court's attention the impact that redefining marriage will have on children like us.” 

"We oppose gay marriage on the grounds that it violates children's rights and cannot provide children with the most foundational building blocks for child development—a mother and father living with and loving them.” 

Brandi Walton, who was also raised in a homosexual household, wrote a column published in The Federalist, that gay marriage harms children. 

“I knew from a young age that living with two women was not natural,” Walton wrote, in the piece called “The Kids Are Not Alright.” 

“I could especially see it in the homes of my friends who had a mom and a dad. I spent as much time with those friends as I possibly could. I yearned for the affection that my friends received from their dads. I wanted to know what it was like to be held and cherished by a man, what it was like to live with one from day to day.”

She continued, “Unlike other kids who were apparently raised in gay utopias, I grew up very alone and isolated. I was an only child and there weren’t other kids around like me to talk with and relate to. No one I knew understood what I struggled with each day, and I had no option but to keep it all inside.” 

The Supreme Court justices are expected to make their decision regarding same-sex marriage in late June. Meanwhile, advocates and critics of gay marriage remain in debate if the practice harms children. 

Publication date: April 30, 2015