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'David and Goliath' Director Says the Film Will Honor God

'David and Goliath' Director Says the Film Will Honor God

“David and Goliath” director Tim Chey has said his upcoming film will honor God, unlike some of its predecessors in the Bible-based film category. According to Christian Today, Chey said that he is an Evangelist, and seeks to portray the biblical telling of David and Goliath accurately. 

"Well first off, I'm not only a director, but also an evangelist. So obviously I'm not going to make a film that's biblically not correct or does not give honor to the Lord,” Chey said.

At a junket in Los Angeles, Chey noted that there will be not be historical or biblical inaccuracies in his telling of David defeating the nine-foot tall warrior Goliath. The director also referred to Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah,” saying that he will not be adding components to the Bible. 

"There are no rock monsters helping David unfortunately,” Chey said. "But kidding aside, I wanted to make a film that will reinvigorate the kind of faith the future King of Israel had, namely fighting a giant with a zero percent chance of defeating him outside of God."

“David and Goliath” stars Miles Sloman as David and Jerry Sokoloski as Goliath. The film will open April 3. 

Publication date: February 2, 2015