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Day of Mourning Declared in Ukraine as Violence Worsens

Day of Mourning Declared in Ukraine as Violence Worsens

Wednesday marked a day of national mourning in the Ukraine after 25 people were killed in a bloody clash between protestors and the government.

About 1,000 other people were injured as well after police carrying stun grenades and water cannons raided a protest camp in Independence Square in Kiev on Tuesday.

The protestors, who are asking for a pro-European government, responded with fire bombs and rocks.

President Viktor Yanukovych blamed the protesters for the violence, saying they "crossed a line when they called people to arms."

Opposition forces should "disassociate themselves from the radical forces that provoke bloodshed and clashes with law enforcement," he said.

Otherwise, admit to supporting them and be treated accordingly, Yanukovych added.

On Wednesday, protestors prepared to hold their ground again.

President Barack Obama is expected to address the issue today while he is in Mexico.

The conflict started in November when thousands of protestors packed Independence Square when President Yanukovych reversed a decision to sign a trade deal with the European Union and instead turned toward Russia.

Later, an anti-protest law went into effect. Demonstrators also protested that.

Churches around the world are holding 24-hour prayer vigils in light of the violence.

CBN’s Steve Weber asked for prayers for the Ukraine on Facebook Wednesday morning.

"We just need to pray they'll be a whole new generation of people who really want to serve and be leaders in the government, not for personal benefit, but for the good of the people," he said.

Publication Date: February 19, 2014.