Did 'Fuller House' Starring Candace Cameron Bure Depart from Its Family-Friendly Values?

Did 'Fuller House' Starring Candace Cameron Bure Depart from Its Family-Friendly Values?
Some fans are saying that “Fuller House” a spinoff of the show “Full House” starring Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure is not as family-friendly as the original.

The Christian Post reports that, while many were excited for the spinoff of a beloved childhood show, many also found the adult content of “Fuller House” disappointing, especially since Cameron Bure is known as an outspoken Christian.

The new series, which debuted on Netflix on Feb. 26 and reunited most of the original “Full House” cast, has been criticized for the clothing of characters on the show, the profanity used, and other adult content.

"We were promised over and over again that this would be the 'family friendly' show that we loved in the original 'Full House,'" one Facebook user wrote on Cameron Bure's page.

"'Fuller House' is disappointing. There were some good points, but sadly, they were overshadowed by the very ugly parts," another added.

In episode 12 of the 13 episodes released thus far, two female characters share a kiss and two male characters accidentally kiss.

"I waited a long time to watch this and I was so excited, but the gay/lesbian act scenes uh NO..the profanity used, and the lack of clothing on some were just a huge disappointment..If you're going to state youre a Christian then you can't live in a world of sin and act like it's ok," said a disappointed viewer.

Not everyone has been critical of the show, however. Some fans have said that they appreciate how the creators of “Fuller House” allowed the original “Full House” characters to grow up with their fans.

Cameron Bure has stated that she knows whatever she does, she will receive some criticism.

"'I'm too religious, I'm not Godly enough, I'm too thin now, I'm not very humble, I've had too much plastic surgery, My brother Kirk is a better Christian than me, I'm too worldly, I'm too conservative, I'm not modest enough, I'm a show-off.' Those are just a few of the types of comments I get no matter what I share, what photo I post or what I say," Bure said in a blog posted in 2014.

Cameron Bure is known for her Christian faith and often addresses issues from a Christian perspective as a co-host on “The View.”

Publication date: March 2, 2016