'Do All Christians Think the Same?': Popular YouTube Channel Asks Christians to Rate Their Beliefs on LGBT Issues, Doubt, and Music

  • Kayla Koslosky Former ChristianHeadlines.com Editor
  • Updated May 07, 2019
'Do All Christians Think the Same?': Popular YouTube Channel Asks Christians to Rate Their Beliefs on LGBT Issues, Doubt, and Music

A popular YouTube channel put Christians to the test by asking six believers if all Christians think the same.

In a nearly 12-minute video called “Do All Christians Think the Same?”, hosts from the YouTube channel Jubilee read a series of statements to six Christians and asked them to determine how much they agreed or disagreed with each statement.

Before each statement was read, the participants all stood on a center line on the floor. After the host read a statement, the participants were asked to move to the line on the floor corresponding to their level of agreement or disagreement ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.”

The hosts asked the participants to evaluate everything from their thoughts on Christian music to their thoughts on supporting the LGBT community. Not a single time did all six participants end up on the same line, and in many cases, they were split 50/50 in the room.

This was exactly the case when the participants were prompted to rate how strongly they agreed or disagreed with supporting the LGBT community.

One woman, Kytia, who “strongly disagreed” with supporting the LGBT community explained her response saying, “When we mention support, it means to accept, and I don’t accept the lifestyles within the community. But do I love them? Do I want the best for them? I absolutely do. Do I think we should shun them from church? No.”

A queer woman, Jasmine, standing on the opposite side of the room on the “strongly agreed” line replied saying, “The thing that has hurt me most is the language with which you’re speaking. No one shunned me. It was more like, ‘I love you, but God wants to send you to hell.’ If you’re going to disagree, you need to understand the weight of what you’re asking a queer person to do.”

Another woman, Nicole, who simply said she “agreed,” offered her perspective saying, “I just define support differently. I think you can support somebody’s right to love and feel love without supporting homosexual activity. We can argue about what our society has normalized, but at the end of the day we all sin, and none of those sins should be celebrated. We should be working to become more like Christ.”

When asked to rate the statement “God loves everybody equally” all but one participant stood on the “agree” side of the floor. The man, Jason, standing on the “disagree” line said, “It sounds great to say that God loves everybody, and God does love everybody, but I don’t believe equally.” 

He continued, “He loves His own children more than the others in the world. He would not send someone that He loves, truly, to Hell” he proclaimed.

Tyler, who stood on the “strongly agree” line responded saying, “He is love. That is what His embodiment is, so I think it’s impossible for Him to not show love towards His children. I don’t think its varying degrees; I think it’s all standardized against everyone. Everyone is loved equally.”

Other statements the group was asked to rate were “I like Christian music,” “I have doubted my beliefs,” “I would date someone who isn’t Christian,” “I am waiting to have sex until marriage,” and “If I died now, I would go to Heaven.”

The video, which according to Relevant Magazine is a part of Jubilee’s Spectrum series, was set up to illustrate the varying beliefs within the Christian faith. At the time of this writing, the video has nearly 2.3 million views.

Photo courtesy: Screenshot from Jubilee video

Video courtesy: Jubilee