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Do Christians Bear Some Blame for Orlando Shooting?

Do Christians Bear Some Blame for Orlando Shooting?

After a Facebook post by Christian writer Jen Hatmaker saying that Christians are complicit in the Orlando shooting went viral, blogger Denny Burk wrote his own response.

Burk shares part of Hatmaker’s post in his blog:

“Anti-LGBTQ sentiment has paved a long runway to hate crimes. When the gay community is denied civil liberties and respect and dignity, when we make gay jokes, when we say ‘that’s so gay’, when we turn our noses up or down, when we qualify every solitary statement of love with a caveat of disapproval, when we consistently disavow everything about the LGBTQ community, we create a culture ripe for hate. We are complicit.”

Burk is shocked that Hatmaker would make such a statement. 

“A man kills 49 people. He calls 911 during the attack to make sure that everyone knows he’s a jihadist. And now this is somehow the fault of Christians?” Burk disbelievingly states.

He goes on to say that, despite their differences in opinion with the LGBT community, he has seen Christians seek to reach out to help and love those who are suffering because of the tragedy.

Burk expresses his hopes that Christians will not begin to be attacked from those within their own ranks. 

“The key thing to remember is that if you you are a disciple of the most high king, you will bear his reproach in some measure–unless you aren’t really his disciple. The world will not make its peace with him or us this side of glory. But we will love them nevertheless just like he showed us,” Burk concludes. 

Publication date: June 17, 2016