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Do New CDC Stats Prove 'Safe Sex' is a Myth?

  • Religion Today
  • Published Jan 31, 2012
Do New CDC Stats Prove 'Safe Sex' is a Myth?

February 1, 2012

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control found that 45.3 percent of teens who gave birth as a result of an "unintended" pregnancy had conceived while they were either using "highly effective" or "moderately effective" contraceptive methods, Baptist Press reports. Twenty-one percent of the unintended pregnancies occurred while the girls were using "highly effective" contraception, such as the birth control pill (which, according to the CDC, should be effective at least 92 percent of the time), and 24.3 percent of the girls became pregnant while using "moderately effective" methods, such as male condoms (which, according to the CDC, are 85-98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy). "While not all unintended pregnancies are a result of failed contraception, the recent CDC study seems to suggest that any are caused by failure," said Kelly Boggs of Baptist Press. No information was gathered on teens that experienced unintended pregnancies and then opted for abortion.