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Does Disney’s Frozen Have A Covert Christian Message?

Does Disney’s <i>Frozen</i> Have A Covert Christian Message?

In November of 2013, Disney once again won the hearts of audiences with its newest animated movie, Frozen. Based on the tale of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson, the film followed the adventure of two sisters while delivering powerful messages of love, family, and sacrifice. While the movie has already received several Oscar nominations since its release, Biblical scholars have applauded it for its subtle Christian message. Billy Hallowell of The Blaze writes,

“Collin Garbarino, assistant history professor at Houston Baptist University, has said he sees parallels between Dante’s “Inferno” and the central themes and story line present in ‘Frozen.’ In fact, in a recent article about the subject, he wrote, ‘Disney’s ‘Frozen’ might be the most Christian movie that I have seen this year.’ Garbarino also believes that Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity’s sins is mirrored, to a degree, in the film. To illustrate his points during an interview with Fox News over the weekend, the professor first explained the central tenets of Christianity.”

Frozen animator Mark Henn, in a recent interview with WORLD News Service, admitted that his Christian faith has played a role in his work over the years, stating:

“In the minutiae—it’s those daily struggles—you’re fighting a scene, the same things everyone deals with. He’s gotten me through many a tough day and tough scene and tough production schedule.It’s nice to work for a company—we’re not a church organization or a faith-based organization—but the basic values we want to put across in our films are right in line with my faith.”

Frozen is currently nominated for two academy awards, Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song.

*Published 1/28/2014