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Early Results from New Hampshire Primary: Sanders and Kasich Leading

Early Results from New Hampshire Primary: Sanders and Kasich Leading

Early results from today’s New Hampshire primary are coming in, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was leading the Democrats while Ohio Gov. John Kasich was leading the Republicans. 

CBS News reports that results from the primary are already coming in because some communities begin voting at midnight, a tradition which is speculated to have begun at the suggestion of a reporter who wanted to get his photos out early to the press.

Only communities with fewer than 100 voters are allowed to open polls at midnight.

Such is the case in the tiny town of Dixville, New Hampshire, about 20 miles from the Canadian border.

The spotlight for the New Hampshire primary often falls on Dixville since voters usually cast their ballots in Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. This year, however, the hotel is under renovations so voting was moved to a nearby building.

Sanders is expected to do well in New Hampshire as it is his home turf, since he is a senator from neighboring Vermont.

Sanders reportedly got all four Democratic voters in Dixville, while Kasich got the support of three Republican voters, inching past frontrunner Donald Trump who earned two votes in Dixville.

Kasich campaigned tirelessly in New Hampshire, hosting 104 town hall meetings in recent days. 

Polls in most of the rest of the state close at seven p.m. this evening. 

Publication date: February 9, 2016