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Egyptian Christian Murdered by Islamic Extremists

Egyptian Christian Murdered by Islamic Extremists

An Egyptian Christian man was murdered by Islamic extremists in the latest target on Egypt’s Christian population.

In recent weeks and months, Egypt’s Christians have faced an onslaught of religiously-motivated attacks. On Palm Sunday, the Islamic State carried out bombings on two Egyptian churches which killed nearly 50 people. The Islamic State warned that more attacks were to come.

Forty-year-old Nabeel Saber Fawzi was killed in the town of El-Arish in North Sinai. Fawzi and his family had fled El-Arish after several murders took place there, but he couldn’t find work in Port Said, so he returned to El-Arish and his barber shop there.

That was when masked gunmen entered the barber shop and shot Fawzi. “He was opening his barbershop from time to time over the last 10 days. On Saturday, May 6, four masked gunmen broke into his shop and shot him in the head resulting in immediate death,” one of Fawzi’s relatives told International Christian Concern.

William Stark of International Christian Concern stated, “We are deeply concerned for the developing situation in Egypt. This year has already been a difficult year for many Christians in Egypt, especially those displaced by the El-Arish murders and those affected by the Palm Sunday bombings.”

Join us in praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt.


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Publication date: May 8, 2017