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Episcopal Priest Says Getting an Abortion Allowed Her to Finish Divinity School

Episcopal Priest Says Getting an Abortion Allowed Her to Finish Divinity School

An Episcopal priest is claiming that being able to get an abortion allowed her to complete divinity school.

According to The Christian Post, the priest, the recently retired Rev. Anne Fowler, shared her story as part of the pro-abortion testimony in the important Supreme Court battle over access to abortion.

Fowler’s story was one of ten women’s stories submitted to the Court, arguing that getting an abortion was a positive life choice.

"If the Reverend Anne Fowler had not had access to an abortion when she accidentally became pregnant after enrolling in divinity school, she would never have been able to graduate, to serve as a parish rector, or to help the enormous number of people whose lives she has touched. Unable to pursue her calling or to be the mother she wanted to be for the daughter she already had, she would have been broken," said the brief.

The brief filled in more details of Fowler’s story, saying that she first got pregnant in 1973 while pursuing a doctorate in English. Her husband at the time left her four-and-a-half months into her pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl. 

A few years later, Fowler felt called to attend divinity school. While attending the Episcopal Divinity School in Boston, Fowler got pregnant again, but decided to get an abortion because she believed her partner would not make a good parent and having another child would prevent her from finishing divinity school.

"Already solely responsible for her daughter, Anne knew she could not complete divinity school and pursue a career as a priest if she did not have an abortion. She has never regretted her decision and is grateful that she did not have to travel far, which would have caused her additional stress and financial hardship while she cared for her young daughter," the brief said.

Women like Fowler believe that having easy access to abortion benefits women who are already struggling economically or emotionally.

The Supreme Court is deciding whether to uphold the Texas Abortion Bill, known as HB 2 which requires abortion clinics to have safety regulations in place and have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic in case of emergencies.

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Publication date: March 8, 2016