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Experts Say U.S. Could Do More to Help Persecuted Christians

Experts Say U.S. Could Do More to Help Persecuted Christians

A panel of three experts was recently assembled by the Center for American Progress to discuss the problem of Christian persecution in the Middle East and what can be done to end it. According to The Washington Times, the panel decided that foreign aid should be provided to the Middle East, but first American diplomats need to be educated about the issue. 

Villanova University professor and coordinator of Villanova’s Center for Arab and Islamic Studies Marwan Kreidie, was one of the religious freedom researchers on the panel. He said that the United States needs to find a way to help the persecuted Christians without becoming a crutch for them or making them into an even greater target. 

The panel discussed problems of Christian persecution in Iraq, Syria, and Syria. Paul Marshall, senior fellow with the Center for Religious Freedom reported to The Washington Times that migrating minority problems, national conflicts, and sectarian ways of life lead to Christian persecution in these countries. 

Hishan Melham, D.C. bureau chief of Al Arabiya News Channel and member of the panel, believes that the problem should be approached as an issue of human rights. “Christians of the Arab world should fight for equal rights — not protection, not privileges,” Melham said.