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Explorers Say They've Found Pieces of Noah's Ark

  • Religion Today
  • Updated Dec 12, 2011
Explorers Say They've Found Pieces of Noah's Ark

December 10, 2011

A group of scientists say they have discovered two large sections of Noah's ark resting just below the surface atop Mount Ararat in Turkey, where the Bible says the ark came to rest, ASSIST News Service reports. The team of explorers used military satellite imaging and ground-penetrating radar technology to locate the ruins, which are buried under ice, and they believe the large object is wooden. "The evidence is overwhelming," said Daniel McGivern, a member of the team. "The mountain is treeless ... volcanic with gases. There is no conceivable way that you could have an object that big on a mountain. This is the large piece from Noah's ark." Tyler James of CBN News said that since there was no way to melt the ice to get to the ruins, the explorers' claim might never be verified, "but the discovery could provide a great opportunity to share the gospel."