Faith a Big Topic at GOP Debate

Faith a Big Topic at GOP Debate

There is only one Savior, Marco Rubio said at Thursday night’s debate.

"Well, let me be clear about one thing, there's only one Savior and it's not me. It's Jesus Christ who came down to earth and died for our sins," Rubio said when asked about Time magazine’s cover story that labeled him “the Republican savior.”

According to, Rubio also spoke about the role his faith will have if he is elected President of the United States.

"It is because in this nation, we are influenced by Judeo-Christian values that teach us to care for the less fortunate, to reach out to the needy, to love our neighbor. This is what's made our nation so special,” he said.

"And you should hope that our next president is someone that is influenced by their faith. Because if your faith causes you to care for the less fortunate, it is something you want to see in your public figures. And when I'm president, I can tell you this, my faith will not just influence the way I'll govern as president, it will influence the way I live my life.”

Thursday night, Rubio also said Bernie Sanders is a socialist who would be a “good candidate” for president of Sweden. He also said Hillary Clinton is “disqualified” from being president because she “lied to the families” of the four Americans who died in Benghazi.

"And anyone who lies to the families of Americans who have died in the service of this country can never be commander-in-chief of the United States,” he said.

Other highlights of Thursday’s debate included Trump’s non-appearance. The candidates initially addressed what moderator Megyn Kelly called the “elephant not in the room,” but after an early recognition, the candidates largely focused on the issues and refrained from talking about Trump.

The debate also featured less ad hominin attacks and was, as political commentator Charles Krauthammer noted, “much more substantive than any other.”

The moderators also showed clips of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz speaking in the Senate, and then asked the candidates about their apparent change in policy on issues such as immigration reform.

Publication date: January 29, 2016