Faith in the Midst of Ukraine Crisis

Faith in the Midst of Ukraine Crisis

Rival rallies continue in Ukraine, as Russia tightens its grip on Crimea and tensions rise throughout the region.

On Wednesday Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk will hold talks with President Barack Obama in Washington to discuss how to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis, according to the White House.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian soldiers responsible for guarding the country's air defense bases in Crimea have been ordered not to use their weapons – in spite of ongoing provocations from Russian troops,

“We are not allowed to use our weapons,” according to Major Vladimir Yaremchuk, who was at the base on Friday night when Russian forces moved in. “But those guys came here armed to the teeth.”

China's foreign ministry on Monday quoted Chinese President Xi Jinping as telling US President Obama, “The situation in Ukraine is extremely complex, and what is most urgent is for all sides to remain calm and exercise restraint to avoid an escalation in tensions. Political and diplomatic routes must be used to resolve the crisis.”

As tensions rise, mission groups and churches are reporting an increased interest in faith.

 “Christians throughout Ukraine are praying and fasting. All churches are overcrowded with people who are coming to seek God’s face and ask for deliverance,” according to Rostislav Borishkevich, director of Good Samaritan Mission in Kiev. “People are crying out to God because they know that only He can help our nation.”

Publication Date: March 10, 2014.