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Faith Leaders Call on Church to Help Heal Post-Election America

Faith Leaders Call on Church to Help Heal Post-Election America

Christian leaders say that although the election outcome has divided the nation, Christians need to come together to “heal” the nation.

"When God's people will pray with a humble heart – repenting of our sins – then God promises He will hear our prayer,” said evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham. “He will forgive our sin. And the third element is that He will heal our land."

Donald Trump’s surprise win over Hillary Clinton has divided people across religious, racial, economic and even family and friend lines.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 15 percent of those surveyed are not speaking with a family member or close friend because of disagreement over Trump’s win in Tuesday’s election.

"I think the most critical thing that God's people can do is -- one is to pray," Lotz shared. "Two is to repent of our sin, and three is to keep our focus on God."

In New York, that’s what Rev. Jacqui Lewis is hoping her post-election song services are doing.

“This isn’t time for polarities. This a now a both/and situation. We have to be both Republican and Democrat. We’ve got to be both black and white, Latino and Asian, queer and straight. We need to love past our borders and heal ourselves.”

Many pastors are encouraging Christians, especially those who are tired of politics and the election season, to not stay rooted there.

“I think the anger has resided a bit from the election, and people are just tired and worn out,” says Holly Sortland, pastor of discipleship at Canyon Lake United Methodist Church. “That’s what we do as Christians, and that rises above any kind of partisan politics.”


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Publication date: November 14, 2016