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Father Asks for Prayer for Sick Baby Girl, Receives Donations from Strangers

Father Asks for Prayer for Sick Baby Girl, Receives Donations from Strangers

A father who asked for prayers for his sick baby girl on social media has received thousands of dollars from strangers. 

Elease Nichole Koehn was born to parents Brandon Koehn and Brittany Hedlund on January 22. One week later, she returned to hospital where she was diagnosed with a viral infection that compromised the function of her liver and kidneys. 

Brandon Koehn told a local news station, “We noticed she wasn’t eating right, so we brought her [to the hospital on January] 28th and they checked her platelet count. They said she was deathly ill.” 

He continued, “All of a sudden it took a turn for the worse, and it damaged her liver and her kidneys. Then she started bleeding to death.” 

The Michigan father wrote a request for prayer on Facebook, where it was seen by local hair stylist Kathleen Peterson. In response, Peterson decided to hold a cut-a-thon with all haircut proceeds going to the family. In addition, over $5,000 has been raised for the family’s medical bills on a GoFundMe page

Elease’s progress can be followed on the Facebook page, “Pray for Elease Nichole Koehn.” The most recent post to the page says, “Update Miss Elease is having a fantastic day filled with God's blessings..Shes taking every bottle and not having any problems..Shes been fighting so hard to go home..And this week our prayers will be answered thank you Jesus..and thank you everyone so much for your constant prayers and. Continuing support for Baby Elease and our family..Feeling very blessed right now and so proud of our daughter..truly a Miracle....”

Publication date: March 24, 2015