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Film on Genesis Coming to Theaters in February

Film on Genesis Coming to Theaters in February

A Christian film which will address the historicity of the biblical book of Genesis is coming to theaters for a single night at select theaters in February.

The Christian Examiner reports that the film is called "IS GENESIS HISTORY?" and will be coming to theaters on February 23.

The film is being put together by Compass Cinema and Fathom Events and will feature the expertise of Dr. Del Tackett.

Dr. Tackett is the former president of Focus on the Family, a former U.S. Air Force officer, and a member of the planning group for the National Security Council in the George W. Bush administration.

He is also the creator of The Truth Project and has spent the past year researching the historical claims of Genesis in various scientific fields, including archaeology, biology, geology, and astronomy.

"Millions of people have sincere questions about the origins of the earth and humanity," Tackett said. "And there are contrasting views of our history, one of which is in the book of Genesis. The question is, which view is accurate? IS GENESIS HISTORY? makes a positive case that the Bible is historically reliable."

The film will address not only the historical accuracy of Genesis, but whether or not the world was created in six literal days.

After the film's premiere, Dr. Tackett will host a panel discussion with several of the scientists who appear in the film.

See below for the trailer of the film.

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Publication date: December 1, 2016