Florida Elementary School Decides Bible Acceptable for Free Reading

Florida Elementary School Decides Bible Acceptable for Free Reading

The recent case involving a Florida elementary school boy told to put his Bible away during independent reading time is coming to a close; the school has agreed that the Bible is an acceptable book for free reading time reports The Blaze.

Jeremiah Dys, a Liberty Institute attorney represented the child’s family. He said, “We are pleased they are now complying with the law and will allow students to read their Bible during free reading time and within the Accelerated Reader program.”

When the incident occurred, the student, Giovanni Rubeo, was told to put his Bible away and dial his parents’ phone number. The teacher proceeded to leave a message for the student’s father saying, “I noticed that he has a book -- a religious book -- in the classroom. He’s not permitted to read those books in my classroom.”

The school district disagreed with the teacher’s decision to ban the Bible.

Marylin Batista-McNamara, a lawyer for the school district wrote, “With regard to the Accelerated Reader program (AR), if a book is on the AR list (including books of the Bible), a student is free to read such books during AR reading time.”

Dys said that the Liberty Institute is unsure if the teacher will receive a warning or punishment from the school district.


Publication date: May 20, 2014