For the First Time Christian Evangelicals Met with Egypt’s President

For the First Time Christian Evangelicals Met with Egypt’s President

In an historic event, evangelical Christians met with Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. It has been noted that his meeting could mark a significant step forward in evangelical relations with the Arab world’s largest country.

The meeting is also especially important in light of increased attacks on Egypt’s Christian minority.

According to CBN News, both sides seemed to feel that the meeting went extremely well.

"Rarely have I been in a meeting that was scheduled for an hour that went for three hours and the conversation was clear, so authentic," stated Johnnie Moore, an author and leading Christian expert on the Middle East. "There was no hedging. It was like we were best friends for our entire life. It was historic yesterday."

Author and Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg, who hosted the meeting, agreed, stating, "I believe it is setting into motion an historic relationship between an Arab Muslim leader and the evangelical Christian movement. I have to tell you, I'm a fiction writer and if President Abdel el-Sisi didn't exist you'd have to make him up. I mean [he is] what are we looking for in an ally with the United States: people who want, people who are telling us I want a strong, strategic alliance with America. I'm fighting the same people you're fighting."

Both the evangelical leaders and el-Sisi affirmed their commitment to fighting ISIS and Islamic extremism.

Moore added that it is important, even from a biblical standpoint, for Christians to cultivate a good relationship with Egypt: "We, as Christians, love Egypt because the scriptures indicate that God has this great love for Egypt – not even just a general love," Moore said. "There are specific verses, specific prophecies about God's love. Isaiah 19 speaks of Egypt, My people."


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Publication date: November 3, 2017