Former Disney Child Star Shares How God Spoke to Her after Mother's Death

Former Disney Child Star Shares How God Spoke to Her after Mother's Death

Disney child star Jennifer McGill recently shared how, after mother passed away, she went through an intense period of searching, but ultimately realized that Jesus “had never left me.”

McGill was ready for the spotlight at a young age. She asked her mom to enter pageants. Seeing that her daughter’s high energy and love of the spotlight was unshakable, Jennifer’s mom granted her daughter’s wish.

Jennifer began winning the pageants she entered and pretty soon someone talked to her parents about an upcoming audition for The New Mickey Mouse Club, a Disney show that, according to The Stream, featured comedy sketches, commercial parodies, music videos, and celebrity guests.

Jennifer auditioned and got the part. On The New Mickey Mouse Club she got to join child co-stars Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears and others.

Throughout her acting career, her parents, and especially her mother, were Jennifer’s bastion of support.

After high school, while many of her acting friends decided to continue to pursue their careers, Jennifer chose to go to college. Her mother continued to support her in this decision.

Then, after graduating college, Jennifer’s mom passed away. It was a very dark time in her life. Although she had a college degree, Jennifer felt as though life had passed her by, and without her mom’s constant encouragement, she felt lost.

“I got a little panicky,” she shares. “Had I missed a window of opportunity?” I was frazzled. Overworking and over-comparing.”

And with her mom gone she says she felt “lifeless and purposeless.” For years she felt lonely and isolated, but then God reminded her of His presence.

“I had taken so much of my life into my own hands,” she shares. “I’d narrowed myself, put myself into a spiritual cage. I felt lost and alone.” But then she realized: “He had never left me.”

Although she still misses her mother, Jennifer has been learning how to trust in God and not look for affirmation from people.

She is now pursuing a new career and has even released a music album.


Photo courtesy: Vimeo

Publication date: July 14, 2017