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Former Lesbian Rallies against Bill That Would Ban 'Conversion Therapy'

Former Lesbian Rallies against Bill That Would Ban 'Conversion Therapy'

A woman who says she is a former lesbian is rallying with others in California against a law that would ban “conversion therapy.”

LGBT activists say they want the measure passed because it would ban licensed counselors from practicing “conversion therapy.” Under the proposed law, bill AB 2943, the practice would be a violation of consumer fraud.

But Elizabeth Woning says she was a lesbian in her 20s and even served as a youth pastor advocating for LGBT rights. Then, she became a Christian.

"AB 2943 would seek to block me inviting other people to go on that same journey that I went on," she said. "My faith journey involved questioning my sexuality as a lesbian, and so this bill would seek to block any kind of invitation, or any kind of encouragement from me, to another person to do the same."

Woning became the co-founder of Equipped to Love, an organization that helps those who want to “walk out of homosexuality” and see sexuality “through the lens of redemption offered by the Gospel.”

Woning said she hopes to get a copy of the organization’s book, Changed, to every California legislator. The book is a compilation of stories of people who have left homosexuality.

Critics of the bill are also worried because the bill forbids “sexual orientation change efforts,” the proposed law could also outlaw the sale of books that claim sexual conversion is possible.

"This is a dramatic infringement on First Amendment rights, rendered even more pernicious by its functional declaration of certain kinds of religious speech and argument as the equivalent of consumer fraud,” said National Review writer David French.


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Publication date: June 14, 2018