Former Mars Hill Pastors Introduce Confessions Website

Former Mars Hill Pastors Introduce Confessions Website

Four former Mars Hill Church leaders have introduced a website intended to repent for the sins they committed while leading the church alongside Pastor Mark Driscoll.

The group includes Mars Hill Orange County Pastor Kyle Firstenberg, Leadership Pastor Dave Kraft, Mars Hill Everett Pastor Scott Mitchell and Mars Hill co-founder Lief Moi reports The Christian Post. The former leaders hope that members of the Seattle-based church will be able to go to to begin the process of reconcilation.

The website home page reads, “We recognize and confess that Mars Hill has hurt many people within the Mars Hill community, as well as those outside the community including those who don’t believe Mars Hill’s religious beliefs, and we want to acknowledge the hurt we may have caused. We humbly ask your forgiveness. These are our individual confessions, letters, stories, and apologies.”

The idea of confessing began with Kirstenberg and Kraft, before Mitchell and Moi joined in the effort to seek repentance.

“Dave and I decided we needed to start with our own confession, because we can’t and shouldn’t call someone else out on sin without first doing so ourselves,” Firstenberg said.